Desktop Effects is copyright © Andreas Verhoeven, 2008.

About Me

I'm a programmer specialized in Windows development (Win32, OLE, COM, GDI+, GDI, DirectX) using C++, mainly.
I'm currently living in Rotterdam (Holland), I'm in love with my girlfriend Nadia and I'm completing my Masters Degree at TUDelft University.
I work part-time at TransIP, a company specialized in Domain-registrations, Colocations and Hosting.


You can contact me through e-mail.

About DesktopEffects

Desktop Effects is written in C++, using Visual Studio 2005. The internal archtitecture of DesktopEffects is done by making use of COM objects, where each effect is an implementation of IAveDesktopEffect which can be hosted inside an IAveDesktopEffectsHost object, which basically means everyone can write custom effects.
If you are interested in DesktopEffects technology, implementation or writing custom effects, e-mail.